As application boundaries become obsolete and organizations use data and business intelligence to create a competitive advantage, the number of private and public APIs is exploding. Whether exposing these web services and APIs to internal or external developers, organizations must reduce risk by institutionalizing a consistent security architecture based upon sound principles and industry best practices.

Securing APIs and web access management (WAM) should be considered from a variety of perspectives including identity and access management, secure API gateways and secure application development based on open standards and secure design patterns. Integration with access and governance policies, audit and regulatory compliance reporting is crucial for providing a complete view.

PEGRight helps customers with integrating a Security Token Service (STS) and secure API gateways (e.g. XML firewall appliance) that enforce identity and security for SOAP, XML and REST based web services. The secure API gateway acts as a centralized policy decision and enforcement point, allowing developers to rely on established security services.

Our expertise spans leading technologies in API Security and secure API gateways. We are proficient with PingAccess, Layer7 SecureSpan and IBM Datapower. 

We believe in using standard protocols to deliver scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise includes, WS-Security and OAuth.

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