Identity and access management systems are being stretched by the adoption of private and public cloud technologies, but even more so by the explosion of mobile devices and BYOD in the enterprise. Users expect a common experience regardless of how or where they are accessing resources. Organizations struggle with how to integrate mobile identity into existing back end identity and access management infrastructure, while maintaining security and compliance policies.

Enabling secure access to mobile apps for employees, customers or partners can be addressed by using mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) or mobile VPNs. Regardless of the approach leveraging existing IAM systems is critical to ensure centralized access control and compliance reporting. 

PEGRight implements solutions that integrate existing IAM systems with emerging enterprise mobility platforms, including enterprise mobile app store technology.  An OAuth compliant infrastructure accelerates development and deployment of native mobile applications

Our expertise spans leading enterprise mobility platforms, including mobile device management, mobile application management and mobile access gateways. We’re proficient in Layer7, Datapower, PingAccess, MobileIron, Apperian and Airwatch.

We believe in using standard protocols to deliver scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise includes, OAuth, and OpenID Connect.

Let us help develop a mobile security strategy that leverages your existing IAM systems. Contact Us.