The proliferation of cloud-based applications and mobile devices has generated an explosion in the number of user passwords. Single sign-on and federated identity management are helping enterprises reduce passwords, as well as allowing them to extend existing authentication systems to cloud apps and mobile devices. However, enterprises are quickly realizing that passwords alone are not sufficient for critical IT systems and data.

The combination of SSO and multi-factor authentication (MFA) gives IT organizations the ability to apply stronger user authentication policies across all applications. Applying more advanced capabilities, such as context-based authentication (or adaptive authentication) make user access even easier, while IT gains added security based on factors such as the device used, the application being accessed or the user's location.

PEGRight implements SSO and strong authentication technologies that provide centralized implementation and management for all users and all applications. We apply authentication rules as an added layer of security for remote workers or to provide more secure access to critical enterprise assets.

Our expertise spans leading technologies in MFA, adaptive authentication, and context based authentication, including ThreatMetrix and PingID from Ping Identity.

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