The rapid adoption of cloud applications is a catalyst for single sign-on and federated identity management, but an often overlooked requirement is the need to effectively manage users and their entitlements. A thoughtful approach to provisioning and de-provisioning is necessary to transition to cloud identity management, minimizing time and resources needed to manage access control and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

A combination of “just in time” provisioning and a provisioning system is needed to meet the requirements of a complex ecosystem. Once a single authoritative source and provisioning system is implemented, additional self-service password management capabilities can reduce helpdesk calls and strengthen security through centrally enforced password policies.

PEGRight implements provisioning and de-provisioning solutions that support the user lifecycle, including access control via attributes, group memberships and business rules. These solutions are configured in accordance with organizational security policies and standards, providing a central location for audit and regulatory compliance.

Our expertise spans leading technologies in data sources, provisioning systems, and password management capabilities.

We believe in using standard protocols to deliver scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise includes System for Cross Domain Identity Management (SCIM).

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